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Kangaroo Island is the third largest island off the coast of Australia, being approximately 4500 square kilometres in area, 155 kms long and 55 kms wide. The Beaches Kangaroo Island offers rugged and spectacular coastal scenery with the highest coastal cliffs in Australia. Beaches and bays of white sand and crystal clear water abound on Kangaroo Island. Bay near Penneshaw North-East Coast sites such as Antechamber Bay, Penneshaw, Island Beach, Emu Bay, Stokes Bay and Snelling Beach are popular destinations for swimming, boating, fishing or just simply lazing about and enjoying yourself. The South Coast is a unique part of Kangaroo Island protected by National Parks and Wilderness Reserves created to manage this important natural history area. Featuring the magnificent and mainly pristine coastal scenery, with its high cliffs and rugged Southern Ocean beach frontages of Pennington Bay, Bales Bay, Seal Bay, Vivonne Bay, Hanson Bay and Cape du Couedic. Vivonne Bay and Hanson Bay are considered to be two of Kangaroo Island's most spectacular destinations. National Parks There are 21 National Conservation Parks and Private Reserves covering almost 30% of the Island's total area. The Island has a reputation for the abundance of its unique flora and fauna. Flinders Chase National Park and the Ravine des Casoars Wilderness Protection Area, is considered to be South Australia's most significant conservation area, covering 74,000 hectares. Its dense and diverse vegetation make it a haven for a variety of wildlife and birdlife. Rocky River, at the entrance of the park is home to kangaroos, wallabies and koalas and is also the base for numerous bushwalks. Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park, located on the south coast, expands over 21,254 hectares. Its coastline features high cliffs and caves and further inland the mallee provides shelter for kangaroos and possums. Murray Lagoon on the northern tip of the park is one the best locations on the Island to view prolific birdlife in the early morning or evening. Admiral's Arch Admiral's Arch at Cape du Couedic is one of the scenic highlights of the Kangaroo Island south coast. This spectacular arch was formerly a cave, then later became an arch when the sides collapsed, and formed a natural land bridge. Excellent examples of stalactites and petrified roots of ancient plants which once grew in this area, can be seen hanging down from the roof of the arch. The sea surges into the base of the arch from the west, forming a natural nursery and protected pool in which New Zealand Fur Seals of all ages can be seen swimming, sheltering and resting on the rocks. Remarkable Rocks Just a short distance east of Cape du Couedic stands the amazing and huge natural formation called the Remarkable Rocks. These extremely weathered and very old granite rocks perched on a large granite dome base that rises 75 metres from the sea, have been worn by natural forces into a really remarkable and unusual shape. They are one of Kangaroo Island's very special natural features. Kelly Hill Caves Numerous sinkholes and tunnels lead to caves of ornate calcite formations. The Kelly Hill Caves system is unique, as the caves have grown from ground level upwards whereas normal cave systems form from ground level downwards. These caves are not just another set of caves but a particularly interesting system not normally seen by visitors. Seal Bay Seal Bay is one of only two places in the world where visitors can join in a guided walk on a beach with seals in their natural wild state. The seals at Seal Bay are Australian Sea Lions and are of much scientific interest due to their unusually small population numbers, in relation to any other animal species, and their equally unusual tolerance of people. Guided tours take visitors within a close distance of these large mammals with minimal disturbance. To be close to wild seals going about their everyday functions, is a very special, not to be forgotten, experience. Little Sahara Dunefield Geological Monument and Heritage Area Situated just off the South Coast Road and a short distance from Seal Bay you will find the road leading into the Little Sahara. Driving through dense bushland you have no idea what to expect until you turn a corner and suddenly there before you, 6 kilometres from the ocean frontage and surrounded by dense native bushland, you are faced with spectacular white sand dunes that reach 71 metres above sea level. The Little Sahara is a wonderful family playground. No vehicles or non-native animals are permitted in this protected area beyond the access road and carpark. Western River Conservation Park If you are adventurous at heart, a short walk to the base of the steep cliffs of Western River Conservation Park on the north-west corner will provide you with an interesting waterfall. Lighthouses Cape Willoughby located on the eastern tip of the Island was South Australia's first lighthouse, commencing in 1852. Tours of the lighthouse, the lighthouse keeper's cottages and weather station operate daily. Cape Borda opened in 1858. A small cannon is fired daily from the lighthouse. Tours of the lighthouse and museum are conducted daily. Also within a short distance from the lighthouse is the old landing site and the historic lightkeeper's cemetery. Cape du Couedic, the most recent lighthouse, opened in 1909. At Weirs Cove you can see the remains of a jetty, water tank and storeroom from where the supplies were hauled by flying fox to the top of the cliffs. Local Produce Attractions Kangaroo Island has an abundance of marine and land food products including crayfish (lobster), abalone, fresh fish and oysters, plus marron and yabbies (freshwater lobster).


The Island also produces an interesting range of dairy products, which include a variety of cheeses and yoghurts made from sheep and cows milk. Of special interest are the Ligurian Honey Bee products of Kangaroo Island. Sourced from Italy in 1883 the Ligurian Honey Bee Colony is the only pure strain honey bee left in the world today and is protected by Government Legislation, and considered scientifically as an irreplaceable asset. Clifford's Honey Farm An interesting destination on your Kangaroo Island itinerary is to include a visit to the Island's Honey Farm, where talks are given by the beekeeper. You can inspect, taste and buy the various honey products produced by the honey farm including the popular honey icecream and drinks. These are just a few special Kangaroo Island items to tempt your taste buds. Please note no bees, honey or bee products are permitted to be brought to Kangaroo Island to protect this extremely world agriculturally important honey bee colony. Kangaroo Island's Ligurian honey bee "Queens", are exported world wide. Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Distillery Once a major industry, Emu Ridge is the only commercial distillery in operation in South Australia. Take a tour and be amazed by the clever bush engineering, you will see every process, from cutting the leaves, distillation, bottling and retailing. The oil has a number of uses including a disinfectant, stain remover, solvent and insect repellent. In the souvenir store you can sample some yummy eucalyptus lollies. Gum Creek Marron Farm Marron is a freshwater crayfish with a fine, sweet taste and texture that appeals to all lovers of shell fish. Gum Creek Marron Farm has 120 ponds containing marron, yabbies and rainbow trout. Located in a picturesque setting of big sugar gum trees, it provides and ideal setting to try marron. Tastings and lunches are available for individuals and groups. Island Pure Sheep Dairy Visit this unique and enterprising farm, where you can observe sheep being milked, view a video on cheese production and feed some baby lambs. At the dairy sample delicious yoghurts, various cheeses and Haloumi - grilled with a squeeze of lemon juice. Parndana Wildlife Park A sanctuary for orphaned native animals and birds, the park is home to Kangaroo Island's largest private collection of native birds and animals. The park provides an opportunity to see and feed the Kangaroo Island Kangaroos. The spacious aviaries and enclosures house koalas, echidnas, emus, wallabies, deer, cockatoos, pheasants, curlews and farm animals. A Maze n' Fun Only opened in September 2000, the park offers something for everybody. The park contains the southern hemisphere's longest hedge maze, a mini train that circumnavigates the park, mini-golf course, boules, playground, lake, BBQ and picnic area.

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