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SURFING at Vivonne Bay.

61km from Kingscote, 63km from Penneshaw. Suitable for beginners through to advanced surfers. Vivonne Bay has a 6km long beach with two rivers (Harriet and Eleanor) at either end. The winds are best from the north-easterly to westerly depending on which part of the bay you are surfing. There are some reef breaks, but most of the waves are sand breaks and vary in size depending on which end of the bay you are surfing. The further east you walk up the beach, the more exposed it is to the main swell direction and the bigger the waves get. Relatively mild rips and undertows, combined with small surf in the sheltered western side of the bay, makes Vivonne Bay an ideal place to learn to surf. However, the sand breaks can often turn on quality waves for advanced surfers east of the main beach car park.



Like anywhere, Kangaroo Island's surf varies dramatically throughout the year. The Winter weather patterns produce larger swells, more offshore winds and better sandbanks. Summer waves on Kangaroo Island are not found as often, but can still turn on some quality beach breaks. The best waves tend to be on the south and west coasts of Kangaroo Island as the main swells roll in from the south-west. If there is swell around, any sort of northerly wind is good for surfing the south coast. Occasionally large Westerly swells and a southerly wind produces good waves on the north coast of Kangaroo Island.

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